The Home Buying Process

Whether you are a first time home buyer or a veteran homeowner, it is always important to understand the steps to buying a home. Being prepared not only makes the decision making process easier, but also assists in avoiding any issues.

1Initial Contact

An Upper End Associate will initiate a fact-finding conversation with you to discuss your needs and criteria.  They will also discuss and educate you the steps in the home-buying process and the importance of the “pre-approval” process.

2The Pre-Approval

One of the most important steps before you can purchase a home is the loan “pre-approval” process.  Your Upper End associate will recommend reputable lenders in the St. Louis area who will be able to assist you with the loan process.  It’s essential to know what you are comfortable spending on a home and what your monthly payment will be.


Armed with the information gained from our first conversation, our associates will research homes and neighborhoods in consideration of the following needs:

  • Home Type (Condo/House, Historic/Recent Construction, 2-Story/Ranch)
  • Neighborhood (Urban vs. Suburban, Proximity to office/campus)
  • Schools (Quality public system or vicinity to desired private school)
  • Price Point

4Home Tours

Your Associate will present to you property and communities that fit your criteria. When you have decided on your areas and homes of interest, your Associate will:

  • Conduct pre-scheduled tour of potential homes
  • Tour neighborhoods of each potential home to offer more familiarity to area
  • Assist in evaluating each home in respect to needs and interests

5Contract through Close

Once you select a new home, your Upper End Associate will continue to assist through the following:

  • Run comparative market analysis on property to determine the value and offer price
  • Dedicated price negotiation
  • Assistance with necessary paperwork (loan applications, permits, inspections, title)
  • Attendance at closing – closing is when you sign all the necessary paperwork and you get your keys.  Congrats!

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