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March 9, 2017 2:08 pm Simple-Living-With-Liz-Rainey

In the final chapter of our Simple Living Series, we turn to Upper End Agent Liz Rainey for advice on tackling an issue that all parents deal with: the organization of children’s toys. As the busy mom of an energetic toddler, Liz knows a thing or two about this topic!

According to statistics, the average American family spends $371 on toys per child every single year! With those kind of numbers, it’s no surprise that the plethora of toys quickly outgrow their designated spaces, showing up everywhere other than the toy box.

So what can be done to help address this never ending issue?

“We all think ‘I will not let my children’s toys take over my house'”, Liz says.  “And then you have a child and you realize that it’s a losing battle.  If you have multiple children then you have the joy of even more toys, accessories, etc. in your home.

I think a good suggestion for parents everywhere is to embrace the wonderful world of bins and shelving.  You can start simple with collapsible baskets from Target or IKEA to fill up a bookshelf or organizer.  The great thing is that both of these items come in all different shapes, designs and price ranges.

These tools are great for organizing smaller toys, puzzles, books, art supplies – the list goes on!    If you are really motivated you can even label the shelves and storage units to help teach your little one(s) and anyone else who helps clean up (husbands, babysitters, grandparents) where everything goes.”

Bonus tip: Get creative with your labeling! Instead of writing out labels with words on them, shake things up by labeling your bins and tubs with illustrations. The visual cues are a a great tool for the little ones who aren’t reading yet, and the pictures are fun way to encourage the kids to participate in the clean up process. We found these freebie labels at Check them out!

As the kids get older and their taste in toys change, just swap out the labels!




“I realize that there will be times that it seems like as soon as everything is back and in its place the kids will make it look like a tornado went through the house.  Maybe one day the family will share in my love of all things organized…until then I will continue to dream.”

Thanks for the advice, Liz!