Steps To Your Relocation

We understand that the thought of moving to an entirely new community can be a stressful experience. Whether you have already decided to relocate or you’re still considering the move, you may not know whether you want to purchase or lease as your next step.

1Initial Contact

An Upper End Relocation Specialist will initiate a fact-finding conversation with you to discuss your needs and criteria.


Armed with the information gained from our first conversation, our agents will research homes and neighborhoods in consideration of the following needs:

  • Home Type (Condo/House, Historic/Recent Construction, 2-Story/Ranch)
  • Neighborhood (Urban vs. Suburban, Proximity to office/campus)
  • Schools (Quality public system or vicinity to desired private school)
  • Other criteria as determined by clients’ needs or interests


Your Upper End Relocation Specialist will do everything possible to make sure you feel at ease in St. Louis in addition to finding a home. The Specialist will:

  • Present personalized Relocation Guide
  • Conduct pre-scheduled tour of potential homes
  • Tour neighborhoods of each potential home to offer more familiarity to area
  • Assist in evaluating each home in respect to needs and interests

4Contract through Close

Once your select your new home, the Relocation Specialist will continue to assist through the following:

  • Dedicated price negotiation
  • Assistance with necessary paperwork (loan applications, permits, inspections, title, lease)
  • Attendance at closing

Everyone at Upper End Properties understands that business must be earned, and as such, we strive to build trust and long-lasting relationships with everyone we work with.

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